How Do You Fix a Super Dusty House in West Branch, MI? Air Duct Cleaning, Vacuuming Often & More

Even if you dust on a regular basis you may be struggling to keep up with the inevitable dust bunnies that seemly appear out of nowhere under your furniture, along the baseboards, and covering your HVAC vents. The good news is there is a solution and according to the knowledgeable experts at Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning by changing your routine and scheduling your professional duct cleaning service on a regular basis you can minimize dust and improve the air quality in your home or business. We offer other helpful tips below.

Re-think the Way You Dust

your cleaning routine including the products you use to keep your home dust free may be doing the opposite by sabotaging your cleaning efforts instead of improving them. For example if you are dusting with a dry cloth the pollen, dust, pet dander and all manner of other antigens resting on surfaces are literally being pushed into the air where they quickly settle a few moments later. Instead of dry dusting, try using a clean white cloth that has been dampened with water or a mixture of water and cider vinegar to capture dust. You will be amazed how effectively a dampened cloth can remove dust from surfaces.

Leave Your Shoes By the Door

One of the biggest culprits for bringing pollutants into your home is your shoes. Stop and think it about it for a moment, your shoes travel everywhere you go trapping all kinds of dirt and debris within their soles. When you walk into your home the dirt and allergens are tracked inside where they become imbedded in your carpets and other types of flooring. Make your home a shoe free zone and leave your shoes at the door. You will be amazed at the difference.

Vacuum Carpet & Mop Floors Regularly

Your flooring is an open invitation for dust and offer allergens to settle. Change your routine and start vacuuming your carpets and mopping your floors at least twice a week especially if you have children and pets in the home.

Schedule Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning surface dust is one thing but to get to the root of the problem you need to get your air ducts professionally cleaned. Your HVAC system cycles the air in your home regularly and along with the air, the dust, pollen and other debris is pulled through your duct system where it collects before some of the allergens get circulated back into the rooms and onto your furniture and flooring and so on and so forth.

Air Duct Cleaning in West Branch, Oak Park, Madison Heights, Warren, Sterling Heights, Detroit & Southeast Michigan

The professionals at Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning understand how your air duct system works and can remove the contaminants from your home’s central air system. With a professional duct cleaning service your home will not only stay clean, the air you breathe will be cleaner and healthier.
To learn more about professional air duct cleaning services for your home or business, contact the knowledgeable experts at Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning today.

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