What Makes Indoor Air Unhealthy in Madison Heights, MI? Allergens & Other Pollutants

When it comes to allergies most people assume that the trees that are blooming are to blame. They even have allergies that are based on animals and food which are all true but there is much more. If you suffer from allergies of any kind but you are not sure what is causing it you may be surprised to know that it could the air in your house. The air in the house is actually full of contaminants and these can get in your system as you breathe in and out. You want to make sure that you know what could be in the air so that you can take your air quality seriously. There can be allergens that you are letting linger which can be damaging to your health. Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning lists the airborne contaminants that are likely being breathed in by your loved ones.

Biological Contaminants

The first type of allergen that you are sure to find in your house is called a biological pollutant. You might think there is no way that these can be in your house but when you see the list you will be shocked. The pollutants include mold spores that are found in many homes and are quite harmful when breathed in. You can also have biological pollutants if you have a pet because their feces and urine as well as pet dander are part of the list. You also might have dust mites which are quite common and are found hiding in beds, blankets, carpets and more. Most of the time the other biological pollutants are from areas of the house that have moisture or food. These types of pollutants are quite hard on your health and can actually make you sick and in need of medical attention.


The next type of pollutant that you may find in your house is called formaldehyde. You might be thinking that you don’t work in a morgue so how could this be. This is just a gas that is produced during certain chemical reactions. One of the most common substances that can cause this type of gas is from particleboard which is used in lots of small shelves and dressers. The other items that can cause this type of gas is glue, lacquer and paint to name a few. There are risks when this gas in present in the house and has been known to lead to diseases such as cancer.

How Do I Reduce Allergens in My House?

There are several things that you can do to keep the allergens that you have in your house to a minimum. The first is that you ensure that you keep your house cleaned on a regular basis. The other is that you want to make sure that all filters are replaced regularly. Lastly be sure that you have your air ducts cleaned professionally as often as needed. You can have your air ducts inspected and cleaned by a professional company.

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