Why Cleaning Air Ducts Really Makes a Difference in St Clair Shores, MI; Removing Mold, Dust, Dirt & More

Professionals in the industry, environmental experts, medical specialists, and even consumers are beginning to understand the impacts the airducts have with indoor exposure to breathing the air it disperses. With so many health risks, increased allergy, and other problematic challenges the airducts can produce, people are realizing that those airducts need tender love care periodically. Today, we at Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning would like to share some information that will help every homeowner better understand the purpose of airduct cleaning.

Why is it Not OK to Never Clean Dirty Air Ducts?

When temperatures are especially extreme, but in day-to-day life, the airducts endure a lot of traffic and many people just don’t see how the tubing meant to disperse treated air could possibly get dirty like other surfaces found in the home. Dust and other airborne particles and microbes accumulate in the ductwork that can lead to microbial growth during its normal operation. Not only will airduct cleaning reduce the growth and buildup from occurring and the health impact that has on the occupants, but it is also proven to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. In some instances, the buildup has been so severe that after a cleaning the efficiency increased to 40%.

How Do I Know if My Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

Below are the red flags you can identify that suggest your airducts are in need of a cleaning.
1) Finding mold, mildew, slime, or other microbial growth anywhere in the structure.
2) Long-term, or permanent water damage that occurred in the ducts or anywhere in the home.
3) Restricted air-flow from coming from the vents and registers, even after fresh air filters are installed.
4) Dust, hair, cobwebs, or other such debris is noticeably blowing from the ducts or registers.
5) Evidence of ay infestation of pests, including rodents or insects.
6) Odors stemming from the airducts.
7) Increase frequency with allergies or illness.

What Techniques are Used to Clean Ducts?

Depending on the extend of the buildup in the airducts dictates the cleaning technique applied. Taking advantage of a professional is ideal as a trained technician can assess the airducts from all points of the access panels. Once they determine the severity of the accumulation, they can administer the proper cleaning technique to effectively remove the buildup. Professionals have specialized brushes and vacuum equipment that do not inflict damage to the ducts but restore them like new. The technician cleans the supply ducts, return ducts, air vents, and diffusers. Additionally, most professionals will also a systematic cleaning and maintenance for the heat exchanger, drain pan, coils, fan motor and housing, and system housing. After an in-depth cleaning, the system will run smoothly and efficiently. Concluding the service, most professionals will point out the sources that are contributing to the buildup including moisture, water, dust, debris, pest contamination, and other pollutants to prevent a severe buildup and extend the time in between cleaning. It is also important to keep in mind that ductwork comprised fiberglass will by the nature of the material, require more cleanings than sheet metal.

Can You Clean Your Own Air Ducts?

Some homeowners will attempt a DIY airduct cleaning, but more often than not, the improper cleaning and wrong implements will cause a decrease in the air quality and cause damage to the airducts. Professionals have to follow a strict set of requirements to ensure a safe, skillfully done and effective cleaning.

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