Air Duct Cleaning to Prevent Legionnaires Disease & Remove Mold, Dander & Pollutants in Royal Oak, MI

Air duct cleaning has been considered an environmental necessity for some time. The event that brought air duct cleaning to the public’s attentions was the advent of Legionnaire’s Disease. It occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1976 where 182 attendees of the American Legion convention contracted this disease and 29 of them succumbed to what proved…

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Improving Air Quality; Sources, Effects & Solutions to Indoor Air Pollution in Warren, MI

The American Lung Association and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimate that most people spend between 60% to 90% of their time indoors. This primarily includes time spent at work or school and home. Because of the amount of time we all spend inside buildings, the air quality we breathe should be a major concern. Indoor…

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