Signs Fall Air Duct Cleaning is Needed in Hamtramck, MI; Black Dust from Air Vents & More

Depending on how much dust and dirt circulates on average throughout your home, among other factors, dictates how frequently you should have your air ducts cleaned to maintain healthy indoor air and the efficiency of your HVAC system. Generally, experts agree that homeowners should get their air ducts cleaned every 5-7 years. Fall is actually the most optimal time of year to get an air duct cleaning because your air conditioner has finished its work for the season. We at Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to further discuss fall air duct cleaning services.

Signs Air Ducts Need Cleaning; Black Dust from Air Vents

If you are uncertain that your air ducts require cleaning and you cannot account for the last time it was done, check the signs below to see if any of them apply to your home.
1) Inspect inside the HVAC ducts: This is easier than it sounds, all you have to do is select a vent openings in your house, remove the cover, and snap a picture inside as you reach in with a digital camera. Be sure the flash is on and check the image. If there is heavy dust along the walls of the duct, a fall air duct cleaning is essential.
2) Black dust from air vents: Particularly in older homes, if you notice darkness around the registers on light colored carpet, this is likely because of black dust escaping from the air duct system and a strong indication you need air duct cleaning!
3) High electric or energy bill: If you noticed an increase in cost this summer as the air conditioner was operating and repairs to the unit didn’t resolve the issue, dirty air ducts could be to blame. The problem may actually be the dust and debris inside the air ducts decreasing the airflow through the system.
4) A clean house has become harder to manage: When dust that consistently builds up on the surfaces or floors quickly becomes a challenge to keep clean from dirt and debris, even with increased vacuuming and sweeping, then it may indicate the HVAC system is circulating a reservoir of dust around the rooms. With a fall air duct cleaning, you will notice a considerable difference.

Include Air Duct Cleaning on Your Fall Home Maintenance Schedule this Year

Including a professional air duct cleaning with your fall maintenance schedule will keep your home in better health, especially when the spring arrives, circulating waves of pollen and allergens that might otherwise get trapped with the accumulating dust and debris already stagnating from the past few years. Not only will it eliminate allergy problems from the upcoming season, but the past spring and summer months’ pollen and other contaminates will be removed, allowing for minimal allergy symptoms. Chronic allergies are often due to the allergens constantly being circulated in the air ducts. Pet dander accumulates, along with pollen and cockroach fragments that induce allergies symptoms from mild to severe. With a fall air duct cleaning you reduce the allergy flare ups that are brought on all year long. Mold spores, mildew and other fungus that get collected with the dirt and dust are also removed, helping the residents avoid breathing in harmful particulates that can contribute to respiratory problems. Homes that house children that frequently track mud and dirt in the home will benefit tremendously as well.

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With Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning certified cleaners coming to perform an air duct cleaning service, your ducts will be cleaned and restored to their original shine, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of clean air. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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