Differences Between Vents, Grilles & Registers in Ferndale, MI; Air Duct Cleaning to Maximize Performance

Central heating and air conditioning includes many primary components to make it function. In order to transfer the treated air from the furnace or from the air conditioner, air series of openings is needed. These openings are the various vents, registers, and grilles found throughout the home from which the air ducts feed the air through. In order for the air ducts to dispense the proper airflow and the openings to allow air through, air ducts need to be routinely cleaned annually from a professional to ensure the central air system is operating at peak performance. We at Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning would like to discuss the different openings your clean air ducts flows air through.

Vents, Registers & Grilles

Vents: Vents are all registers, grilles, and returns; “vent” is the generic term. A vent is used to cover all supply and return air sources connected to a central air-conditioning system. Where it isn’t crucial to know which terms are more accurately used between grilles, returns, and registers, but if you do know what they are all, you can better inform the technicians of any concerning problems if you have the basic knowledge.
Registers: A user can control, using an adjustable damper, the air registers that feature slatted openings and are found in the floor, wall, or ceiling. The damper opens or closes access to the air duct for airflow management generally from the rolling guide or a lever on one side of the vent. These openings deliver the cooled or heated air in the space, but do not bring the air back to the HVAC system.
Grilles: Grilles are unmovable fixtures that may serve an air supply or return function and are permanent. A company may install them in floors in certain cases but these grilles are typically found in ceilings and walls in residential settings. Different homes may have one larger return grille or several small ones throughout the home may have one larger return grille or several small ones throughout the home. To pull air back into the central heating and air system for reuse, the air return is a grille that serves that one purpose.

Air Duct Cleaning & Other Ways to Maximize HVAC Performance

There are ways you can maximize the overall performance of your HVAC system and the supply and return vents. There are a few things you can do to ensure that they can do their job properly, even when your home has adequate amount of the supply vents. For starters, remove any furniture, clutter, or other such objects away from any supply and return vents. You will make it much easier for air to flow to and from the vents simply by keeping the vents clear from obstructions. Avoid closing the supply vents in any of your rooms, even in the rooms you seldom use. Leading to the same problems that poor duct design can cause, closing off a vent will increase the pressure inside of your ductwork. You can expect to see a significant improvement in air flow and air quality after having your air ducts and HVAC components cleaned, reducing your energy bills.

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If you notice that that the vents are especially looking filthy, or the overall performance of your HVAC system is poor, call Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning to get your air ducts cleaning for smoother airflow and to enhance the performance of your central air system.

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