How Do Pets Contribute to Indoor Air Pollution in Your Center Line, MI Home & How Duct Cleaning Helps

In Southeast Michigan, maintaining good air quality is an ongoing battle due to the dust and wind storms we receive. However, it is much worse for those with pets. Having good indoor air quality seems to be near impossible when the household is filled with dogs, cats, and other exotic pets. Having good air quality isn’t impossible for those with pets. Even so, it does take some extra efforts to improve the quality of your home’s indoor air. Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning will share a few methods you can use to help make your home’s air cleaner.

Pet Dander Allergy Symptoms

Many people believe that it is the hair from their pets that is causing allergies and general contamination. It isn’t the hair, but the dander that causes the problem. Pet dander is dead skin that is shed just as it occurs in humans. However, a pet’s dead skin appears to have some negative effects on the air quality. Controlling the dander is the first and major step when improving your home’s indoor air quality. This can be done in a few different ways. You can start by regularly bathing your pet and removing the dander. To help control dander from our pets, it is recommended we bathe them once a month. Another method is by weekly cleaning the surface areas of the home. With a damp cleaning cloth wipe down the various surfaces to capture and reduce the amount of dust and dander inside the home. You can also use bedding designed to repel dander, dust and dust mites.

Clean Air Ducts

To help increase your home’s air quality even more, it is highly recommended you have your home’s air ducts cleaned. The air ducts often will accumulate dust along with pet dander, pests, mold and other contaminants that are spread throughout the home when the HVAC system is running. By having the air ducts cleaned all of the contaminants that are trapped inside are removed which greatly impacts the quality of air inside your home. After having your air ducts cleaned, make sure they are sealed to prevent further contamination.

Other Tips to Reduce Pet Dander

There are some additional steps you can take to help clean your home’s air, even when you have pets. You can use electrostatic air filters, which are reusable air filters. Electrostatic filters capture more of the dander and pet hair left behind by most household pets. Additionally, electrostatic filters are washable which means you can reuse them many times over. Another major problem that pets can cause is bacteria that come from their urine. If your pet has had an accident inside your home, bacteria is released from the protein contained in the urine. There are a couple of ways to handle bad odors and kill the microorganisms that is contaminating your home’s air. One is by installing an ultraviolet lighting system that can kill most microorganisms in the air. You can also install an odor eliminator device that can kill the odor that is caused by bacteria. These eliminators greatly help remove the odors in a home and purify your home air.

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