Why is there So Much Dust in My Warren, MI House? How to Reduce Excessive Dust in Indoor Air

When you are trying to keep your house clean there are several chores that have to be on a very regular basis. This means you are redoing the chore every couple of days just to keep the area clean. One of them happen to be the carpets as well as the dust that seems to constantly settle on your surfaces. You want to make sure that you keep up with these types of chores to ensure that your air quality is good in your house. If you notice that there is more dust than normal starting to land around your house there may be a problem. There is some areas that could be causing the dust to form and be in the air. You can check on these areas and ensure that they are clean to help prevent so much dust.

Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning Outlines Causes of Excessive Dust in House

Are Your Air Ducts Clean?: If you are worried about the amount of dust that is constantly falling around the house then you want to start with the air ducts. This is a system of duct work that is run from the air conditioning unit through the house. Each vent that has air coming out is attached to that unit. The duct work is metal and should remain clean. The problem is that the dust and debris that is in your house will often be sucked into the return air. This is where you replace your filter. The debris can miss the filter when it is overfilled and end up stuck in the air duct. This will cause more and more debris and dust to become loose and fall back into the air. You want to make sure that you change out the filters often and you also have your air ducts inspected and also cleaned. If your duct work is dirty it can be a huge factor in the dust in the house.
Do You Vacuum Daily?: You need to make sure that you are running your vacuum on a regular basis. There is not a lot that you can do about the dust that is in the house from everyday use. The dust is actually small particles of dirt, skin cells, dust mites and hair to name a few. These are going to be in the house from you just being home and moving around. Lots of this will end up on your carpets and you can prevent it from getting in the air if you run your vacuum often. Be sure that you also change the filters and clean your vacuum as well so it does not build up.
Home Sealing Service: Some of the dirt that will end up in the house may be getting in the house without you even knowing. You want to make sure that the seals around your doors and windows are clean and intact. That way when the wind blows you are not letting the dirt and dust in the house causing more to build up.

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