Air Duct Cleaning Processes in Harrison Charter Township, MI; Compressed Air Whips & More

Air duct cleaning has become popular in recent years. The air duct cleaning process involves cleaning various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems. Specialized blowers, vacuums and brushes are used to clean the supply, intake and return ducts through your home. It should also involve a cleaning of the air handler, registers, grilles, fan, motor housing and coils of the HVAC system. These components can get contaminated with particles of dust, bacteria, pollen and other debris. If moisture is present, there may be microbiological growth, like mold or fungi that can release spores into your home.

Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning Uses Compressed Air Whips

Air whips work with compressed air and forward and reverse skipper balls. An industrial vacuum is inserted to create the right amount of negative pressure. Next, the technician will cut 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 inch access holes down the line. The number of access holes will depend on the size of the ductwork. Then, a multi-tentacled air whip will be inserted, starting at the furthest point upstream and slowly reinserting the whip while moving progressively downstream toward the vacuum. The Viper Clean Sweep system uses a skipper ball/whip combination with 5 different multi-action nozzle heads. These can work in round or square ductwork and can clean in one pass, vertically and horizontally at the same time. It can clean 100’ of duct through a 1” hole. Tentacled air whips work by using six 14-inch long tentacles that thrash around inside the ductwork in all directions. This agitation is extreme and works to loosen debris. Then a reverse and forward skipper ball will push the debris to the desired location, where the vacuum is located.

Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

There is evidence that dirty heating and cooling coils, motors and air handling units can make your HVAC unit less effective. So, yes, it’s worth it. Indoor air quality is a growing concern and cleaning the air ducts in your home can do a lot to improve it. Air duct cleaning can be particularly helpful in many circumstances such as:
Home Renovation. A recent home renovation is a good reason to have your air ducts cleaned. Ducts should always be sealed off during home renovations, but if they weren’t, dust and debris can become lodged in the ducts and particles can be blown into your home. This can be dangerous with asbestos abatement and lead paint removal.
Mold in Air Ducts. Visible mold in ductwork needs to be removed.
Pests in Duct Work. Animal infestations in duct work needs to be addressed. The animal(s) need to be removed and the duct work will need to be cleaned.
Contaminants from Registers. If you notice debris, pet hair, odors and other contaminants blowing into your home after the registers have been cleaned and vacuumed, the ducts should be cleaned.
Allergy Related Illness. If you or a family member is suffering from an allergy-related illness, and you’ve done all you can to decontaminate your home, consider having the air ducts cleaned. This will let you know if the HVAC system was to blame.

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