Why is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary After a Home Renovation in Royal Oak, MI? More Dust & More

Most homeowners are already aware that the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, you should have your air ducts cleaned every three to five years because of the filth that accumulates. Typically, the air ducts are riddled with dust, dirt, pollens, insect corpse fragments, shed dead skin cells and hair, as well as pet dander, fur, and a number of other airborne particles. This buildup alone can impact the air quality that can leave people vulnerable to more severe asthma, allergies, and other ailments. However, it is important that your air ducts are cleaned right after a home renovation. Today, we at Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning would like to share why your air ducts should be cleaned after any kind of remodel renovation, or construction project in your home.

More Dust & Debris During Home Remodeling

For starters, there is more dust floating around the home during a remodeling project. Ripping out your floors, removing the cabinets, breaking down a wall, or simply letting the outdoor debris in as the contractors walk in and out of your home is kicking up a lot of dirt. As the HAVC system works to heat or cool your home during renovations, the extra volume of dirt can be sucked in the system, creating more dirt to accumulate in the ducts. The ducts get dirtier faster simply because the air the unit is pulling in is dirtier and all the dirt and dust can then get trapped in your ducts.
Metal shavings: The metal shaving, lead particles, and other relate debris is fine and it can be brought into the ducts. Lead in particular can have serious affects with long term exposure, and these shavings in the ducts will have you breathing them in until they are cleaned.
Saw dust: Saw dust is massively produced during a home renovation. Saw dust in air ducts can be a detriment to any air ducts. The clog filters really quickly and the saw dust is continuously being circulated back in the air you breathe. Saw dust can restrict breathing and cause respiratory problems.
Drywall dust: Drywall has a lot of chemicals infused in it during manufacturing. When the dry wall is cut, the dust is released and then, it taints the air and effects the air ducts.
Potential Mold: When renovating, it is common for the discovery of mold to manifest. If it does, the mold spores are introduced into the air ducts where it can thrive. Mold exposure can bring on allergies and ailments.

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Following any kind of remodeling, renovation, or construction project in your home, it is essential you get the air ducts cleaned with Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning. Our experts use specialized equipment, customized for the task to ensure the air ducts are thoroughly and efficiently cleaned to remove all of the hazards the construction project introduced into your air ducts. Call us today to schedule you comprehensive air duct cleaning service at the conclusion of your renovations to ensure clean, pure indoor air.

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