How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke Odor in Your Birmingham, MI House; Purify Air & More

If you are searching for a new home for your family, you will likely spend hours looking through pictures online before you go and physically look at what you are hoping is your dream home. Walking into what you are hoping is your dream home can cause you to stop in your tracks if you are immediately assaulted with the smell of cigarette smoke when you open the door. You mind may start wondering if the smell of cigarette smoke can be removed from the home. The good news is, it can! Follow these tips to help get rid of the smoke smell and turn that home back into the home of your dreams.

Opening Windows to Air Out House

The first step in clearing the air is opening all of the doors and windows. Letting some fresh air into the home will help fresh smells start moving into your home. You will also want to remove cigarette butts, ends of cigars, and ashtrays from the home. Next you will want to purchase some deodorizing products. Hydrogen peroxide, activated charcoal, and baking soda are all affective deodorizing products. All three of these products will help remove the cigarette smell from your home.

Clean Carpets & Fabric Upholstery

If the previous homeowners have left any cloth items in the home, you will want to remove or clean them immediately. Comforters, couches, pillows, and curtains can all retain smells that can be hard to remove. If you want to try removing the smell from these items there are tons of tips online! You may choose to simply get rid of these items as well. Carpet retains cigarette smells as well. Some new homeowners choose to remove all old carpeting and padding to get rid of the smell entirely. Other homeowners choose to have their carpets professionally cleaned and deodorized to remove the smell.

Clean Household Surfaces that Absorb Cigarette Smoke

There are many surfaces in the home that can be retaining the cigarette smoke smell. Countertops, toilets, walls, windows, window screens, light fixtures, cupboards, drawers, and appliances will all need to be cleaned. White vinegar, diluted bleach, essential oils, and various cleaning products can all be helpful in cleaning these surfaces. If the smell is severe you may want to consider repainting the walls. In preparation for painting your walls you will want to thoroughly clean the walls. Next, use a deodorizing primer on your walls. If you skip this step you will just trap the smoke smell inside the paint. Once your walls are cleaned and primed, paint them the color of your choice.

Purify & Clean Air

Your air conditioning system can also be a large culprit in the lingering cigarette smoke smell. Replacing your air filters and cleaning the air vents is an excellent first step. Having your air ducts cleaned will also greatly aide in ridding your house of smoke smell. At Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning we have certified technicians available to come and discuss your air duct cleaning needs. Your comfort and happiness is our top concern!

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Following the steps outlined above will help you make your dream home into a reality! Don’t let the cigarette smoke smell prevent you from owning the home of your dreams. Contact Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning to schedule air duct cleaning today.

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