Robert F

March 2, 2019

Sterling Environment is the right choice.

I suffer from allergies so it was really important that I get this done and done properly before turning on the heating this winter.

After reviewing and getting quotes from several companies in the area (Ferndale, MI), I chose Sterling Environmental to clean the air ducts in my home. Usually, a choice like that is a careful balance between quality and cost. But not this time. Sterling was the best reviewed and inspired the most confidence when I spoke to them. Yet, they were also 30-40% less expensive than their competitors.

One of the reasons I chose Sterling, is because of David, the owner. David takes pride in his work, a rare quality these days. The work is not outsourced to inexperienced crews. No, David comes to do it himself and to supervise every part of the job. He gets his hands dirty (and his hair, clothes and face!). But he makes sure the job is done and done right.

My ducts are spotless. When he arrived, there was an inch deep dirt pile in every duct. When he left, they were clear as if newly installed. I can tell, because I have the best testing system in the world: super-sensitive sinuses. I turned on the fan and didn’t get stuffy. David’s work is nose-verified.

I’ve already recommended him to friends and family.

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