Improving Air Quality; Sources, Effects & Solutions to Indoor Air Pollution in Warren, MI

The American Lung Association and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimate that most people spend between 60% to 90% of their time indoors. This primarily includes time spent at work or school and home. Because of the amount of time we all spend inside buildings, the air quality we breathe should be a major concern. Indoor air pollution is something every home across America struggles with; and Southeast Michigan is no exception. Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning has put together some scary facts about indoor air quality.

EPA Ranks Indoor Air Pollution as a Top Five Environmental Risks to Public Health

Over the past few years, the EPA has consistently ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental dangers we face. This is primarily because of the myriad of pollution sources found throughout our homes. The EPA estimates that our indoor air has nearly five times as much pollutants than outdoor air. Some homes with furry pets, smokers, chemicals, improper ventilation, mold and other factors may even have 100 times more!

Secondhand Cigarette Smoke Is a Top Indoor Air Pollutant

Secondhand smoke is believed to be one of the worst indoor air pollutants. Cigarettes are known to contain over 200 different types of poisons including formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and carbon dioxide. It also includes at least 60 chemicals known to cause cancer. Secondhand smoke can cause asthma, respiratory infections, heart disease and even lung cancer.

Pediatric Asthma Rates Have Skyrocketed

Studies have shown that the prevalence rate of pediatric asthma has increased by nearly 73 percent. Asthma ranks as the leading serious chronic illness of children and one of the most common chronic conditions in the United States overall. Numerous indoor air pollutants have a direct correlation to increasing or even causing the risk of asthma developing in children.

Harmful & Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products Are Released into Indoor Air

Small, seemingly inconsequential daily tasks that most people partake in can quickly lead to a dramatic deterioration in indoor air quality. Countless potentially harmful chemicals are constantly released into the air by household cleaning agents, air fresheners, personal care products, cosmetics, candles, paint, and solvents used. These chemicals have been tied to causing allergies, dizziness, skin irritation, nausea and even cancer.

Air Duct Cleaning in Oak Park, Madison Heights, Warren, Sterling Heights, Detroit & Southeast Michigan

Most people recognize the health concerns and dangers associated with outdoor air pollution, however many rarely think about how poor their indoor air quality really is. Not only are there numerous pollutants released indoors from household cleaning supplies and other chemicals; but outdoor air can find its way inside our homes as well. By having your air ducts cleaned, you are purifying the air breathed in your home and creating a more favorable environment for the health of all occupants. Contact Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning to schedule your air duct cleaning today!

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