Air Duct Cleaning to Prevent Legionnaires Disease & Remove Mold, Dander & Pollutants in Royal Oak, MI

Air duct cleaning has been considered an environmental necessity for some time. The event that brought air duct cleaning to the public’s attentions was the advent of Legionnaire’s Disease. It occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1976 where 182 attendees of the American Legion convention contracted this disease and 29 of them succumbed to what proved to be a fatal infection. The culprit was identified and subsequently called Legionella bacteria. Accompanied by symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, high fever, muscle pains and headaches. Nausea and vomiting was noted in some cases as well. This bacterium occurs naturally in fresh water, hot water tanks and hot tubs etc. In this case, legionella bacteria in the air conditioning cooling towers were airborne in the mist used and breathed in from the indoor air pumped in by the cooling system.

Mold in Air Ducts & Vents is Harmful

Only home systems that could pose a problem are those who depend on single stage evaporative cooling. The primary contaminating culprit in home air conditioning duct work is mold. The mold forms in the high humidity environment of the evaporator coil accumulating in the hair handler and passed into the duct work. Mold is an allergen and can contribute to the misery of allergy sufferers. The interesting thing about A/C mold is it doesn’t much care for UV (ultraviolet) light. Installing a high frequency UV light in the evaporating coils will kill the bacteria a create little or no heat but can burn your retinas if over exposed. Not the party black light for sure.

Cat & Dog Pet Dander Can Travel Through Air Vents & Duct Systems

What else is in your ducts? Well if you have pets, parts of them are residing in your duct work. Hair and dander mostly. The hair, both yours and the dogs is gross. But you can’t breathe them in as they are generally too big. But there are the dander and dust mites; those little monsters that devour all of our shed dead skin and hair are there. Another big allergy problem. And dander, I may love Fido but I don’t want to inhale him. Again, dander is just the dead skin shed by all creatures. This is what causes pet allergies, not hair. Of course, dander is a smorgasbord for those scary looking little mites.

Air Duct Removes Dust

Dust is just fine particles of matter. It is soil, lifted by a process called the aeolian process and is weather related. Dust storms plagued the Midwest during the depression years, as the top soil literally relocated its self. Dust can be related to volcanic activity and most polluting constitutes of the air are particles. This stuff can accumulate in the duct work causing health problems. Not only the usually allergic reactions to those who are vulnerable but where are ingesting into our lungs can be toxic or carcinogenic chemicals.

Choosing an Air Duct Cleaning Service

When contracting for an air duct cleaning service make sure it includes the air handler and evaporative coil chamber. Pick a company that is certified through the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. The EPA doesn’t certify air duct cleaning, so don’t be duped by any such claims. Beware of claims of $79.00 whole house air duct cleaning; this is probably a scam. No thorough cleaning can be done for this amount. It is a gimmick to sell more services. Most reputable companies will inspect your system and provide an estimate for free. A company of good repute will provide a means for your personal post cleaning inspection to ensure that you’re happy with the service.

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Oak Park, Madison Heights, Warren, Sterling Heights, Detroit & Southeast Michigan

Air duct cleaning is recommended every 5 to 10 years or so for cleaning, taking into account of your local climate and other factors such as pets and smokers residing in the home. Hot and dry relates to particles while humid climates promote mold and bacteria. Your family’s health depends on the quality of the air they breathe. Sterling Environmental Air Duct Cleaning offers professional air duct cleaning. We are proud to have the most experienced air duct cleaning owner/operator in all of Southeast Michigan who performs every job! Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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